Trade Alerts are Live


We are so pleased to announce the launch of our trade alerts with a 7 day free trial for all users.

Crypto 1 Method has made it very easy for people to get into the world of crypto and start making quick and safe 1% trades to start earning a living in your own time and freedom.

If you have not already begun, we have a full video walkthrough course and dashboard with all the tools and resources you need to make this a success, all for free.

Begin Crypto 1 Method Here.

The Trade Alerts took 8 months to perfect. Our robots and scripts track all of Binance all of the time and are continually looking for ideal opportunities to make successful quick trades.

They not only save you a lot of time, they present you with lots more opportunities to make money. It is impossible to check all the coins all of the time.

The amazing thing is, even when the markets are not very active, our trade alerts will pick out the few opportunities out there so you can take advantage.

Sign up for the Free 7 Day Trial HERE.



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