Privacy Policy

Its very simple, we do not share any personal data with anybody at anytime.

We reserve the right to share private analysis with the community so that they can benefit as well from this exclusive hard work. Any such information will be shared anonymously without any identifiers pointing to specific supporters. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us and we will do everything reasonable in our power to guard your information from being distributed illegally or willfully.

The Pro membership platform has certain reward schemes for our best traders. Providing you are ok with showing everyone how amazing you are and how much money you are making then we may share your story and what trades you have done. We are very keen on creating a community of likeminded traders so do not be shy to learn from traders around you.

Crypto1Method at no time will email you asking for your log in details or information about your crypto account. We are fully transparent in all we do but please be aware there are scam artists out there. So be careful with who and what information you share.